Bookkeeping for Pest Controllers

With more and more people traveling the world and leasing living spaces or staying in hotels or AirBnB’s, there’s no telling what sort of critters follow in their wake. Usually it’s the pest controllers that jump in to save the day when an infestation happens.

More than just spraying pesticides or scattering rat poison pellets, the best pest control technicians carefully strategize their treatment plan. This includes examining structures for infestation, identifying the sort of pests lurking about, and calculating the dimensions of the area in question before they can even begin leveraging baits and traps to get rid of the pesky buggers.

Many in this profession find it very rewarding. There is something satisfying about making a space livable again and helping individuals and families breathe easier.

Bookkeepers Are the Financial Equivalent of Pest Control

There is one pest that most technicians won’t go anywhere near, however. It’s called *stage whispers* bookkeeping.

How does an infestation start? Gradually, right? Well, it’s the same with disastrous bookkeeping.

First, you start to fall behind on your books after several long days at work. Then you’ve got a few delays sending out invoices. Pretty soon, you’re struggling to make sense out of your BAS statements and knitting your brows over the WorkCover for your stuff.

So at this point you can do what most people do when they’ve got a roach infestation on their hands: call for a professional.

More Than Just Bookkeeping

Here at Tradies Books we can help you ward off pesky concerns like excessive GST payments, unstable cash flow and harsh penalties for inadvertent delays in ATO compliance. We can pore over your books and pick out just the right software for your business needs.

With our assistance and expertise you’ll be able to stay on top of things anytime, anywhere. No more chasing after customers long after you’ve finished a job. We’ll set you up so you can create client invoices on your phone. As for those BAS and TPAR reports that give you headaches after a long day? We’ll get them sorted for you.

Beyond getting your books in order we can give you an accurate picture of your business’ current standing. Furthermore, we’ll help you make sense of your figures and provide you with the right advice to take your pest control services to the next level.

So, don’t dally. Talk to us today.

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