Bookkeeping for Painters

Painting is both an art form and an exact science. Aside from mixing paint and other materials to come up with the right color or texture, you also need to read blueprints and examine surfaces to identify the amount of work required for a job.

Long story short: there’s a lot more to being a self-employed painter than daubing at walls with a paintbrush. There’s also the business end of this gig, which often involves *gasp!* bookkeeping.

Because when you come home at the end of a long day covered in paint and smelling of acrylic, poring over your BAS or puzzling over your TPAR or PAYG compliance sounds as exciting as watching paint dry, right?

Don’t Paint Yourself Into a Corner

Putting off doing your books is tempting, except the consequences can be disastrous. Haphazard bookkeeping can make you pay more than you should. Falling behind on your client invoices can mean late payments, which can cripple your cash flow. Plus, if you happen to miss a crucial deadline or file an incorrect report, well, expect a heavy fine to cut into your bottom line.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. You see, you can concentrate on beautifying spaces and growing your business without racking your brains over the state of your books.

How? Hire a bookkeeper!

Bookkeepers Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Good bookkeepers can figure out the right mix of systems and software for your business with the same precision that you use in mixing your paints. Just as each surface is different, so too is every painting business. Yet regardless of your unique needs, Tradies Books can create the best bookkeeping strategies for you!

With the right software in place, you can generate invoices with ease and right after you finish the job! No more waiting days or weeks until you get paid. Got apprentices on your payroll? No sweat! Our payroll system simplifies timesheets and leave applications so that you can process payslips in no time.

And we’ll set it up in such a way that you can do all that from anywhere, with just one push of a button.

Not all bookkeepers are created equal, so we here at Tradies Books draw on our experiences from working with painters to give you the best possible service. Sure, we’ll take care of your reporting obligations and keep your BAS up to date, but we can also provide you with practical strategies to grow your business. Accurate figures do lead to sound business decisions, after all.

So, whether you need to get your books in order or figure out the next step for your business, Tradies Books has got you covered. Contact us today and find out just how far we can take you and your business into the future.

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