Bookkeeping for Handymen

Handymen, and handywomen are like the all-rounder in the trades world, out there fixing any number of small issues homeowners face every day.

While handymen need to be versatile on the job there are some things that don’t really add a lot of value to their skillset or help generate new customers such as bookkeeping. Bookkeepers need to be just as versatile as handymen, dealing with business activity statements, TPAR reporting, payroll reporting, single touch payroll reporting and the list goes on for all the things the ATO wants from you.

Instead of being stuck behind the desk trying to work out what exactly the ATO wants for all of your obligations you could be out there getting new customers and building your business with a bookkeeper to help you.

Why An Experienced Bookkeeper is Handy

There are any number of talented and hardworking handymen out there, but only a handful of them go on to sustain thriving businesses. Most simply fall behind on the business end of things because they failed to anticipate just how much time and effort it takes to stay on top of their receipts, reconcile the bank statements and allocate billing for travel time between jobs.

Then there are all those penalties from filing a BAS with the wrong figures and possibly paying more than you should.

This is where Tradies Books comes in. Thanks to our experience in helping self-employed handymen with their bookkeeping and reporting compliance, you won’t have to second-guess your business figures. We’ll have a look at your business’ unique needs and figure out which systems and software would best suit them, plus we’ll take all those tedious BAS reports out of your hands and into our expert ones.

With our guidance and expertise, you’ll be able to keep your records from anywhere. We’ll set it up so that you can update client invoices, and purchases on your phone, regardless of where you are.

No more frantic searches for missing receipts or billing statements. Welcome to easy, seamless record-keeping.

Less Bookkeeping = More Time to Grow Your Business

With tedious bookkeeping chores out of the way, you’ll have so much more time for building your business. When you don’t have to worry about manually updating your invoices and reports, you can seek out untapped markets, approach prospective clients, and even improve your skills so you can increase the value of the services you provide.

Since we offer more than just bookkeeping, we can help you get from mere survival to genuine, sustainable growth. A good business plan reveals where your business should be six months, one year, five years onwards but if you don’t know how you are performing you won’t know if you’re heading towards those goals. Setting key targets at each stage (i.e., the number of your clients, your average monthly net profits, and the size of your workforce) will steer your efforts towards the right direction, and our assistance can help bring you there.

Talk to us today, and let’s figure out how to get started.

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