Bookkeeping for Gardeners & Landscapers

Gardeners and landscapers have their work cut out for them. Designing gardens is an art form but then there’s the hard work: digging flower beds, pruning trees, trimming shrubs, and mowing yards regardless of the weather.

Let’s not even talk about the business side, which involves answering phone calls, providing quotations, organizing workers, coordinating with suppliers, and chasing down late payments.

Now, with all of that going on, do you really want to worry about your books? Can you set aside enough time to stay on top of your bookkeeping? Or do you just throw caution to the wind and hope for the best (until the ATO comes knocking, that is)?

The Importance of Good Bookkeeping

Gardeners and landscapers of all people would know that a thriving garden is the product of so many factors. Rich soil, a good selection of plants, adequate sunlight and water – these are all the basic elements needed.

A thriving business is also the product of having key factors in place, specifically a marketable product or skill, well-oiled operations, good customer service, and proper bookkeeping. While often tedious and complex, no business can do without that last bit.

We’re talking quoting prices, invoicing, updating existing records and pricing, tracking payments, and even figuring out the best software and accounts set-up for your business. Then there’s all the endless documentation that needs to stay up-to-date: GST and BAS reporting, PAGYW’s, PAYGI’s, and so on. Failing to keep all those things straight can result in heavy fines, penalties, and/or administrative trouble.

In the same way that drought and pestilence can lay waste to the most beautiful garden, so too can haphazard, inexperienced bookkeeping undermine a promising business.

Fortunately, there is a solution at your fingertips.

How Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping Can Make Things Easier

Living in a digital world has made it possible to outsource the most tedious tasks in everyday life. Bookkeeping is no different.

You can outsource any or all its functions as frequently as your business demands. Do you need someone to manage your weekly, monthly or quarterly accounts? Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of invoicing and recordkeeping you need to do? On the lookout for a more efficient way to monitor your clients’ payments? We’ve got your back.

When you don’t have to worry about the intricacies of bookkeeping, you can focus on your core business: coaxing the most amazing scenery out of the earth and making a darn good living in the process.

Here at Tradies Books we aim to take the stress out of bookkeeping, with our help you will always know where your business stands. We’ll also assist you in choosing the best software for your business and design systems and processes to make the most of this. This means that your BAS, GST, superannuation, and PAYG payments will always be accurate and on time, sparing you from costly fines. Best of all, you’ll know which clients are constantly up-to-date on their payments and which ones you’ll need to chase down – or possibly drop.

Talk to us today to find out the other ways in which we can add value to your business.

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