Bookkeeping for Electricians

Keeping up with the bookkeeping is the last thing on many electricians’ minds, and understandably so. These hardworking tradies have got their hands full all day dealing with clients, subcontractors, building plans, legislative requirements and everything else the job might entail. There just isn’t enough time for bookkeeping.

However, this doesn’t mean you can fall behind on your bookkeeping. If they’re not in order, you risk not having the cashflow to meet your financial obligations. You also don’t want to risk delays and errors in filing your Business Activity Statement (BAS) and your taxes and chance getting fines for not lodging on time. 

This is where a bookkeeper can really help out and for a lot less than an accountant will charge you to fix any mistakes you might have made along the way.

We’ve Got Your Back

Clueless about bookkeeping? Let a pro help you out.

Seasoned bookkeepers can come up with processes to make it easier for you to keep your books up to date. They can also direct you to the right bookkeeping software and optimise it for you.

As a result, you’ll be even more productive. With efficient processes and the right software in place, you can make the most out of your downtime. For instance, you can upload receipts and create invoices while you wait for supplies or on your way to the next job.

Expertise Beyond Bookkeeping

Hiring an experienced bookkeeper won’t just be good for your books, it could be great for your business and you as well.

At Tradies-Books, we have extensive experience working with electricians so we understand the nature of the trade and what it takes to keep you on track. 

In addition to taking care of your ATO reporting requirements we will also provide you with detailed reports on your business’s finances and teach you how to understand what is happening. This information is crucial for making business decisions and will help you take the guesswork out of managing your cash flow so you’re fully-equipped to take on every opportunity to grow your business and be the most successful electrician out there.

So, whether you need expert help with bookkeeping, BAS, insights and analysis, business systems, and payroll and staff, Tradies Books has you covered. Contact us today to find out how we can help keep your books and finances in good order.

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