Bookkeeping for Cleaners

In a world where everyone constantly grapples with the demands of their personal and professional lives, keeping a clean house is something that can easily fall by the wayside. Who wants to scrub the floors after a hard day at work, right?

While they make it look easy, professional cleaning is anything but. Even if it’s just one person equipped with a bucket of supplies, cleaning just one house can easily take the whole day. That’s not including the time and effort spent restocking cleaning supplies, coordinating schedules (and service quotes!) with clients, and possibly long hours on the road between jobs.

Now, we’d know better than to question the state of a cleaner’s homes. No, our question is, is your bookkeeping as neat and organized as the places you clean?

Outsource Your Bookkeeping to Clean Up Your Act

Fret not if your answer is “no”. Lots of self-employed cleaners, among other tradies, simply find it hard to stay on top of their books. Who can blame them? Their expertise lies in other areas and it’s not like nifty bookkeeping will bring new clients in.

But you see haphazard bookkeeping is like a house in disarray. It’s not much of a bother at first, but it can be problematic if left unchecked. You can’t exactly function properly if your house is a mess, ditto for your business if your books are in the same state. We’re talking overpaying your GST, penalties for errors in ATO compliance (such as missing a key deadline or filing the wrong figures), and getting into trouble with authorities for filling out your BAS wrong. 

Proper compliance is a lot to take in and doing it all by yourself can make things more complicated than it needs to be. So, drop the DIY bookkeeping and leave it all to us. 

Propel Your Business Forward With the Right Partner

At Tradies Books, we develop the best bookkeeping strategies for self-employed cleaners. With our knowledge and experience in dealing with each client’s unique concerns, we won’t just do the housekeeping for your accounts. We’ll assist you in growing them too. 

Apart from making sure that your books are in order, we’ll help you create an accurate picture of your business. How much are you spending on cleaning supplies every month? What’s the total mileage for each day’s work? Are all your clients paying you on time? We’ll help you come up with the right answers so you can make all the right decisions moving forward.

So, whether you’re starting out as a one-person cleaning team or overseeing a team of employees dispatched to different jobs each day, come talk to us. We’ll tell you all about what we can to do keep your books – and your business figures- in tip-top condition.

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