Bookkeeping for Builders

When you’re out on site all day dealing with client revisions, chasing suppliers for materials and supervising subbies it’s not surprising that bookkeeping is not the first thing you think about when you get home.

Then after a while it backs up and the BAS deadline is looming  then you’ve got to spend a day or three catching up, entering supplier invoices and payments, invoicing the clients and that’s before you get to the reconciliation or even the BAS itself.

Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping Lets You Focus On Your Business

Let’s face it. Knowing how to fill out a BAS form or invoice isn’t useful when you’re building a house or office. Nor does being fluent in ATO compliance help when drawing up a structural plan or working out how much scaffolding you need.

Yet neglecting your bookkeeping can be as disastrous for your business as a fire can be for a house. Left unchecked for too long, both things can bring your world crashing down around you. Careless bookkeeping can lead to overpaying your taxes and falling behind on your invoices can endanger your cash flow because your clients won’t be paying on time.

Why trouble yourself with those things when there’s a solution staring you in the face? What if someone else could take care of all that for you so you can keep building structures from the ground up?

Bookkeepers That Help You Build a Business

Enter Tradies Books. We won’t just get your books sorted. We’ll also help you build a business you can be proud of.

With our up-to-date expertise on bookkeeping principles and ATO compliance, you’ll never have to worry about delayed billing statements or penalties for neglecting to file your reporting obligations on time. We can even set you up with the right software so you can use your downtime to generate real-time invoices and collect payments once you finish a job.

We have a lot of experience with builders and their unique needs. More than looking after your books, we can give you honest and actionable advice so your business can scale the heights that your houses and buildings do.

Talk to us and experience the Tradies Books brand of service today.

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